Asking for Feedback After a Job Interview

After a job interview, it’s natural to wonder how you did and if there were any areas of concern. However, getting feedback can be difficult. Often, you’ll receive a standard response that simply states they have found a candidate whose experience more closely matches their current staffing needs. But if you don’t ask, you won’t know.

While most HR departments have policies against giving out interview information due to fear of discrimination claims, there are still opportunities to receive feedback. For example, one candidate for a sales job was told that not shaking hands with the interview panel was held against her performance.

If you’re brave enough to ask for feedback, be prepared to hear comments that may be upsetting or make you defensive. It’s essential that you handle the response with diplomacy and respect, regardless of how difficult it may be to hear.

Here are some tips for handling the response:

  • Express your disappointment in not receiving the offer but state that you’re still interested in the company.
  • Ask politely if there is any feedback that could help you improve your chances in your next interview and if there was anything specific that would have made you a better candidate.
  • If feedback is given, listen carefully, take notes, and don’t argue or defend yourself. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow, so take it as constructive criticism.
  • Ask one or two follow-up questions, and once the conversation comes to a close, thank the interviewer for the feedback and the chance to improve. Reiterate your interest in the company and desire to be considered for future openings.
  • If you can’t get feedback, evaluate your performance and rate yourself. Practice and prepare using the feedback you’ve received or the areas where you feel you could improve.

It’s essential to be able to receive feedback regardless of whether you get the job or not. Every interview is an opportunity to learn and improve your skills for your next interview.

Article written by Carole Martin

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