Boost Profits & Save Time with a Free MT4 Copier

Increase Profits and Save Time with a Free MT4 Trade Copier


In the world of finance, time is very important. Traders and investors are always looking for ways to make their trading strategies better and make more money while spending less time.

One helpful tool is called a trade copier. Trade copiers allow traders to copy trades from one account to many other accounts in real-time. This saves traders a lot of time because they don’t have to manually make trades on different platforms or always watch the markets for new opportunities.

One popular trade copier is called the MT4 Trade Copier. It was made by MetaQuotes, the company that made the MetaTrader 4 platform. The MT4 Trade Copier has many features that can make trading easier and more profitable.

Key Benefits of MT4 Trade Copier

1. Save time: With the MT4 Trade Copier, traders can make trades on many accounts at the same time. They don’t have to login and logout of different platforms or type in trade details multiple times. One trade made on the main account will instantly be copied to the other accounts, so all the traders have the same positions and can take advantage of market opportunities right away.

2. Be accurate: When people make trades manually, they sometimes make mistakes like typing in wrong numbers or missing good trades because they are not fast enough. Using the MT4 Trade Copier gets rid of these risks because trades are made automatically based on settings the trader already chose. This means that all the trades are made accurately and at the right time.

3. Grow bigger: As traders get more accounts and need to manage more of them, the MT4 Trade Copier can handle it. Traders can add or remove accounts easily without interrupting their trading. This helps them manage their portfolio and make changes when they need to without any problems.

4. Be different: By using a trade copier, traders can try out different strategies on different accounts. This helps them see what works best and lowers the risk of losing money. They can also take advantage of different market conditions at the same time. Trying different things lets traders make more money and protects them from big losses.

5. Control trades: The MT4 Trade Copier has a lot of options for managing trades. Traders can set ratios for trade sizes, trailing stops, and take profit levels. They can change these settings to match how much risk they want to take and their own style of trading. The trade copier also lets traders sell parts of their positions in a controlled way.


Q1: Is the MT4 Trade Copier free?
Yes, there are free versions of the MT4 Trade Copier, but some extra features might cost money. Traders need to research and choose a good trade copier that fits what they need and how much they can spend.

Q2: Can I use the MT4 Trade Copier with any broker?
Most brokers that use the MetaTrader 4 platform can use the MT4 Trade Copier, but it’s good to check with the broker to make sure they allow it and to ask about any special settings.

Q3: Can I change trade details after setting up the copier?
Yes, the MT4 Trade Copier lets traders change trade details in real-time. They can change the size of their trades, the level where they’ll stop the trade if it loses money, the level where they’ll take profit if it makes money, and other settings. The changes they make on the main account will be copied to all the other accounts.

Q4: Can I use the MT4 Trade Copier for both manual and automatic trading?
Yes! The MT4 Trade Copier can be used for both ways of trading. Traders can choose to make trades themselves on the main account or use special programs called expert advisors (EAs) to make trades automatically.

Q5: Is using a trade copier safe?
While trade copiers have many advantages, it’s important to remember that trading always has risks. Traders need to understand the risks of the strategies they use and the markets they trade in. It’s a good idea to try the trade copier on a practice account before using real money and to keep an eye on how well the copier is working.


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