Bybit Copytrading 101: A Guide to Starting Out

Copytrading for Beginners: A Guide to Using Bybit


Copytrading is a new way for people to trade cryptocurrency. It lets beginners copy the trades of experienced traders automatically. Bybit is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers copytrading. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about copytrading on Bybit, including how to get started.

What is Copytrading?

Copytrading is when you copy the trades of another trader. You can do this manually by copying their trades yourself, or you can use a feature that does it automatically for you. Copytrading is great for beginners because it lets them benefit from the knowledge and skill of more experienced traders. Bybit makes copytrading easy by letting you copy professional traders with just a few clicks.

Getting Started on Bybit

To get started copytrading on Bybit, you need to create an account. Here’s how:

Step 1: Register

Go to Bybit’s official website and click “Register” to create an account. Enter your email and choose a strong password. Make sure to check your email and follow the verification steps to complete the registration.

Step 2: Account Setup

Log in to your account and finish setting it up. You may need to provide some personal information to comply with rules and regulations.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

To start copytrading, you need to put money into your Bybit account. Go to the “Assets” section and choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to use. Then, generate a deposit address and send your chosen amount from your personal wallet to that address.

Step 4: Explore Copytrading

After depositing funds, explore the copytrading feature on Bybit. Look for the “Copy Trading” tab, where you’ll find a list of traders you can copy. Each trader’s profile has important information like their strategy, past performance, and risk level.

Step 5: Choose a Trader to Copy

Look at the different traders and their stats. Consider things like their strategy, how well they’ve done in the past, and how much risk they take. Pick the trader that matches your goals and risk tolerance.

Step 6: Set Allocations and Parameters

Once you’ve chosen a trader, decide how much money you want to allocate to copying their trades. You can also set stop loss and take profit levels. Bybit lets you customize these settings to fit your preferences.

Step 7: Start Copytrading

After setting your parameters, confirm them and start copytrading. Bybit will copy the trader’s trades onto your account automatically. You can watch them in real-time and make changes or stop copytrading whenever you want.

Common FAQs

Here are some answers to common questions people have about copytrading on Bybit:

Q1: What are the benefits of copytrading on Bybit?

Copytrading on Bybit lets you copy the trades of professional traders without needing a lot of market knowledge. It gives you a chance to make profits by following successful traders. You can also learn from them and improve your own trading skills.

Q2: Can I manually close copied trades?

Yes, you can manually close any copied trade before the trader does. Bybit’s copytrading feature gives you control over your own trades, so you can make changes if you want to.

Q3: Are there risks with copytrading?

Yes, copytrading has risks. Just because a trader did well in the past doesn’t guarantee they’ll do well in the future. It’s important to choose traders carefully, copy more than one trader, and keep an eye on their performance. Bybit provides lots of information to help you make smart choices.

Q4: Do I need a lot of money to start copytrading?

No, you can start copytrading on Bybit with a small amount of money. You can choose how much of your funds to allocate to copytrading. It’s a good idea to start with an amount you’re comfortable with and increase it later if you want to.


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