Don’t Be Afraid to Cut Your Trading Losses

According to Tony Loton, author of “Don’t Lose Money in the Stock Markets,” protecting the money you have is just as important as making more. This is because if your investment drops 50%, you need a 100% increase just to break even, making it crucial to safeguard your assets when speculating in the stock markets.

Trading is a game of chance, and even with our best efforts to predict the future, we cannot know for sure what will happen. We attempt to put the right amount of money into each trade to minimize our losses while still profiting in the end. However, without cutting your losses, one bad trade could end up being very costly.

Stop loss orders and trailing stop loss orders are the best methods to limit your losses while allowing profits to accumulate. Determine an exit point before entering a trade and adhere to it. Remember, you can always re-enter the market if the trade appears to be favorable again. Even if you exit with a loss, accept that you are not perfect and move on. Ultimately, staying disciplined and adhering to a plan that gives you the best chances of success will pay off.

The ability to cut losses is often cited as a crucial factor in successful trading. Even if you lose money in the short term, preventing huge losses can set you up for future success.

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By Terry T.T. Leslie.

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