Forex Autopilot – Forex Killer – Leading Automated Forex Trading Systems Compared

If you’re interested in making a profit from the lucrative currency trading market without being a forex expert, you may have heard of Forex AutoPilot and Forex Killer. These two automated forex trading systems are among the biggest names in the industry. In this article, we’ll compare some key points between these products to help you decide which one is right for you.

  • How they work

Forex AutoPilot is a fully automatic forex trading robot that can make the entire trading process for you. It can decide which trades to make, and even automatically issue buy or sell orders to your broker. In contrast, Forex Killer provides ongoing market analysis and recommendations, but it’s up to you to issue orders and control the process.

  • Installation ease

Forex AutoPilot has a reputation for a complicated installation process despite its well-written manual. In contrast, Forex Killer does not have as many installation complaints.

  • Creators’ credentials

The creators of both Forex AutoPilot and Forex Killer have extensive forex trading experience. Forex AutoPilot was co-created by Marcus Leary, a professional forex trader, and Steven Strauss, a mathematician who helped develop its mathematical formulas. Andreas Kirschberger, the creator of Forex Killer, is a former forex advisor at Deutche Bank.

  • Supported trading platforms

Forex AutoPilot only works with the Metatrader 4 trading platform, which not all brokers support. In contrast, Forex Killer works with every known trading platform, making it more flexible and likely to work with your broker.

  • Reviews

Both Forex AutoPilot and Forex Killer are highly acclaimed and superior products. They have received thousands of positive testimonials from users and are considered world leaders in automated forex trading software.

We hope this comparison has helped you make better-informed decisions about these two esteemed forex trading software products.

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