FXCM’s Complete Guide to Master the Art of Copy Trading

Master the Art of Copy Trading with FXCM: A Comprehensive Guide


Copy trading is a way for people to trade in the financial markets by copying the trades of experienced traders. FXCM, an online trading company, has their own copy trading platform that lets you follow and automatically copy the trades of successful traders. In this guide, we will explain copy trading and show you how to use FXCM’s platform.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is when beginner traders automatically copy the trades of professional traders. Instead of doing their own market research, copy traders can choose to follow a specific strategy or trader and have all their trades copied into their own account. This allows inexperienced traders to learn from others and potentially make money without trading themselves.

Benefits of Copy Trading

– Access to experienced traders: Copy trading lets you follow and learn from successful traders, which can help you improve your own trading skills.
– Time-saving: Instead of spending a lot of time analyzing the markets, copy trading lets you choose a successful trader to follow and copy their trades automatically.
– Diversification: Copy trading lets you copy trades from multiple successful traders, which can help reduce risk and improve your chances of making money.
– Passive income potential: If you are a successful trader, you can earn money by allowing others to copy your trades.

FXCM’s Copy Trading Platform

FXCM has a copy trading platform called ZuluTrade. This platform connects successful traders with people who want to copy their trades. With ZuluTrade, even beginner traders can learn from professionals and have the potential to make money.

Key Features of FXCM’s Copy Trading Platform

– Signal Providers: FXCM’s platform has a list of professional traders that you can choose to follow and copy their trades. These traders are ranked based on their performance.
– Trade Execution: Once you choose a trader to follow, all their trades will be automatically copied into your account in real-time.
– Risk Management: FXCM’s platform lets you customize your copying preferences. You can set your own maximum trade sizes, apply stop-loss orders, and adjust risk settings to match your risk tolerance.
– Transparency: FXCM’s platform provides detailed information about each signal provider, including their past performance and maximum drawdown. This helps you make informed decisions when choosing a trader to follow.

How to Get Started with FXCM’s Copy Trading

To start copy trading with FXCM, follow these steps:

1. Open an Account: If you don’t have an account with FXCM, you need to open one. Go to the FXCM website and complete the account opening process.
2. Fund Your Account: Deposit money into your FXCM trading account. Make sure you have enough money to copy trades and cover any potential losses.
3. Access ZuluTrade: Once your account is funded, log in to your FXCM trading account and access the ZuluTrade platform, which you can find in the “MyFXCM” section.
4. Select a Signal Provider: Look through the list of signal providers on ZuluTrade. Review their performance and risk profiles to choose one that matches your preferences.
5. Set Copy Preferences: After choosing a signal provider, customize your copy trading preferences. Choose the trade size, risk settings, and any other parameters you want to apply.
6. Start Copying: Once you’ve customized your settings, enable the copy trading feature. All the trades executed by the signal provider will be automatically copied to your FXCM trading account.


Q: Is copy trading for everyone?

A: Copy trading can be beneficial for traders of all levels of experience. Beginners can learn from successful traders, while experienced traders can diversify their strategies.

Q: Can I change copied trades?

A: Yes, FXCM’s copy trading platform lets you manually close or modify copied trades. You have control over your trading account and can make changes as needed.

Q: How much does FXCM’s copy trading service cost?

A: There is no extra cost to use FXCM’s copy trading platform. However, individual signal providers may charge a fee or receive a share of the profits.

Q: Can I become a signal provider on FXCM’s copy trading platform?

A: Yes, FXCM’s platform allows traders to become signal providers and earn money by letting others copy their trades. There are requirements and qualifications.


– FXCM Website: [link to www.fxcm.com]
– ZuluTrade: [link to www.zulutrade.com]

In conclusion, copy trading lets you benefit from professional traders’ expertise. FXCM’s copy trading platform, ZuluTrade, offers an easy-to-use interface and advanced features to help you find and copy successful trading strategies. By following the tips and steps in this guide, you can master copy trading with FXCM and potentially achieve your financial goals.

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