How To Attract More Signal Followers

Being a signal provider can be a profitable option for experienced traders who want to earn additional income. Signal providers can continue their usual trades while gaining revenue without additional effort. Their followers choose the provider that suits them the best and automatically copy their trades, achieving the provider’s success in exchange for a fair commission.

However, new signal providers may find it difficult at the beginning to build a network of followers who trust them. Being an excellent trader with a solid performance and sustainable profits is not enough to become a successful signal provider. It’s essential to promote yourself if you want to stand out, even if you don’t have many followers yet. Here’s how:

  • Promote yourself on message boards, social networks, blogs, and any other place you can. Comment, ask questions, and give advice.
  • Post links to your signal provider profile whenever possible.
  • Use social media like Twitter and Facebook, especially if the signal services you use have social networking features. Any trade you make will be published on social media with links to your profile.
  • Use LinkedIn to target a different audience that might have a higher interest in your profile.
  • Invite friends to join the platform. They will be automatically directed to your profile.
  • Monitor comments on social networks or message boards, make corrections if necessary, and respond if someone is making false allegations about you as reputation matters enormously!
  • Always post useful and correct information, data, news and comments that grab attention and make traders interested in you.
  • Don’t exaggerate your abilities! Avoid copying and pasting messages saying you are the best trader as it might be considered spam.
  • Be patient! Interest, trust and reputation take time to gain.
  • Learn and master Forex trading skills and tricks. It’s okay to make mistakes as they are part of the learning process.

Written by Michael Richard Keith

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