How to Copy-Duplicate Trades on My Metatrader Account Using Investor Password

When you open a demo or real account on Metatrader, you will receive an account number and two different passwords. The first password will allow you to login and trade regularly, while the second password is known as the investor password. This password grants read-only access for observation purposes. With the investor password, you can view genuine trading history, save the trading statement to your computer, and copy or duplicate trades to your account.

To copy trades using the investor password, you will need to install and open two Metatrader accounts on your computer or Virtual Private Server (VPS). The Metatrader account with the investor password (account #1) will serve as the server. The other account (account #2) will be your client account. To copy trades from account #1 to account #2, you will need to run Local Trade Copier (LTC) software simultaneously on both platforms.

The LTC software provides many user-friendly features. You can easily select different lot sizes on the client side, as well as choose which currency pairs to trade or avoid. Moreover, the Local Trade Copier software is compatible with any broker and can also work seamlessly on VPS.

The primary function of the LTC software is to copy trades; however, it can also be used for account management. This means you can run copier on multiple accounts while trading just one account (server/master account). The copier software will also copy trades that are manually opened or initiated by another Expert Advisor.

Article by Johnny Smiths

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