How to Copy Trade with Haswell Capitals

How to Copy Trade with Haswell Capitals

Now that you are ready to copy trades from us, you may be wondering how actually to apply the education that you got from this website. 

With this, we created this simple step-by-step guide on how to copy trades from us. 

Before you proceed, please see the disclaimer section. 

1. Pick your Forex broker

There are so many factors to consider in finding the best broker that suits your needs.

With this, we carefully selected our recommendations for you to choose from. Our factors that we considered in selecting the brokers are the following:

1. We personally tried and currently linked to our systems

2. Well-regulated and with tier-1 licenses. 

3. Low trading and non-trading fees 

4. Easy withdrawal and deposit methods (Some brokers also accept crypto transactions with minimal fee)

Once you selected a broker, we recommend you to open a Metatrader 4 or 5 account with the following parameters: 

  1. Leverage: 200-500
  2. Account type: Raw, Zero-Spread 

Kindly proceed to our broker page to browse our recommendations. 

2. Choose your Strategies

Below you will find the current strategies that we offer you. These are mainly categorized depending on the risk appetite of our potential copiers. 

Should you wish to review and analyze what level of risk you want to take, this post will help you. 

If you are already decided, you may proceed by clicking the button “LEARN MORE”



This strategy is for short-term trading that provides high drawdown while maintaining relative significant high profitability.

The profit target per month is >10%, however, equity drawdowns could go as high as 60%--based on our historical and current data.(1)




This strategy is for mid to long-term trading that provides a conservative drawdown and profitability

The profit target per month is >15%, with an equity drawdown of not more than 50%--based on 10 years worth of historical and current data.(1)




This strategy is currently on series of testing. 


3. Selecting a platform

In this step, you will be able to review the historical data about a specific strategy. 

In this case, we will use Haswell Short as an example. At this time of writing, we’ll begin with Signal Start

4. Navigating the platform

Now that you’re in Signal Start, you may proceed by clicking the copy button. 

This might be the first time that you have visited the Signal Start platform, the next step is to create an account. 

Please fill out the form and click continue. After this, you will be receiving an activation email. Proceed to activate your account by clicking the link sent to your email. 

Make sure that you have already selected and created an account with your broker. In this step, Signal Start will ask for your Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 account. 

It doesn’t matter which version of Metatrader you choose, as long as you know which account type you want to open on your broker account. If available, it would be best to choose Raw Trading or accounts that offer Zero-Spread commissions.

After connecting your account, you will be asked how you will be billed.

Signal Start accepts Credit Cards – the most commonly used online payment processor.
After setting up your billing details, it means that you’re now connected to our strategy. Congratulations!

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