Meet eToro’s Profitable Copy Traders: The Experts

eToro’s Top Copy Traders: Meet the Experts Raking in Profits


In the world of online trading, there’s something called social trading that a lot of people like. One popular platform for social trading is called eToro. They have a cool feature called CopyTrader that lets new investors copy the trades of experts. This way, they can have the same success as the experts without having to figure it out on their own.

This article is about some of the top copy traders on eToro. These experts have been making a lot of money and are well-known in the trading community. You’ll learn about their strategies, how well they’re doing, and how you can copy their trades to make money too.

Meet the Top Copy Traders of eToro

1. Jaynemesis (@jaynemesis)

Jaynemesis is a really successful copy trader on eToro. He has over $5 million in total assets and has made a 121% return on his investments in the last year. He’s really good at finding good investment opportunities in new industries like renewable energy and electric vehicles. He’s one of the top copy traders on eToro because he’s smart and knows how to make a lot of money.

2. Wankstor (@wankstor)

Wankstor is another great copy trader on eToro. He’s really good at trading commodities like gold, oil, and silver. In the last year, he made an 87% return on his investments. He’s known for doing a lot of research and making trades at the right time, which is why people like copying him.

3. Trademasterpro (@trademasterpro)

Trademasterpro is a copy trader on eToro who focuses on forex trading. He’s been doing it for over 10 years and has made a 62% return on his investments in the last year. He knows a lot about economics, global events, and technical analysis, so he can make good decisions about when to trade.

How to Start Copying these Experts?

If you want to copy the trades of these experts on eToro, just follow these steps:

1. Sign up on eToro: Make an account on eToro’s website and give them the information they need to verify who you are.

2. Learn about CopyTrader: Once you’re signed up, go to the “Copy” section on eToro and look at the list of popular investors or top copy traders.

3. Look at how well they’re doing: Check out the numbers for each expert, like how much money they’ve made and how risky their trades are. This will help you decide if you want to copy them.

4. Start copying: When you’ve chosen an expert to copy, click the “Copy” button on their profile and choose how much money you want to copy their trades with.

5. Keep an eye on your trades: It’s important to watch how your trades are doing. You can change the amount of money you’re copying, or even stop copying someone if they don’t do well. Just remember that copying trades has some risk, and past success doesn’t always mean future success. It’s a good idea to copy from different experts to have a safer investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is eToro’s CopyTrader feature good for beginners?

A: Yes, eToro’s CopyTrader is great for beginners because they can learn from experts and possibly make money by copying their trades.

Q2: Can I change the trades I copy from top copy traders?

A: Yes, on eToro, you can change some things about the trades you copy. You can choose how much money to copy, and set levels for when you want to stop or make a profit.

Q3: Can I become a top copy trader myself on eToro?

A: Definitely! If you do well and get lots of people copying you, you can become a popular investor on eToro. Then you can make more money as a top copy trader.


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