NinjaTrader: Master Trade Copying Skills

Master the Art of Copying Trades with NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier


Copying trades means following successful traders to make money in the financial markets. With NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier, you can easily copy trades from one account to another without doing it manually. This article will teach you how to use NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier and its important features.

Key Features of NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier

1. Easy Setup

NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier is easy to set up. Just follow the simple instructions provided by NinjaTrader, and you’ll be copying trades in no time.

2. Multiple Copying Options

You can choose different ways to copy trades with NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier. You can copy trades from multiple accounts, specific instruments, or a select group of traders. This gives you control over which trades to copy.

3. Real-time Synchronization

NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier synchronizes trades in real-time. This means trades are copied instantly, so you won’t miss any opportunities.

4. Risk Management Tools

When copying trades, it’s important to manage risks. NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier offers tools to adjust position sizes, set stop-loss orders, and manage overall risk. These tools help you control your copied trades and reduce potential losses.

How to Master the Art of Copying Trades with NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Master Trader

Find a reliable and successful master trader to copy. Look for someone with a good track record and a trading style that matches your goals and risk tolerance. Do your research and pick the right master trader for you.

Step 2: Install and Configure the Trade Copier

After choosing a master trader, install and configure NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier. Follow the instructions to set it up on your trading account. Make sure to adjust the settings according to your preferences.

Step 3: Test and Monitor Copied Trades

Before fully copying trades, test the trade copier and monitor how the copied trades perform. This testing phase helps you see if the master trader’s strategy works well with your account. Make adjustments if needed.

Step 4: Manage Risks and Review Results

Manage risks by regularly reviewing the performance of copied trades. Adjust risk settings if necessary and make sure the master trader’s strategy aligns with your risk tolerance. Have an exit plan in case the copied trades don’t give the desired results.


Q1. Does NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier work with all brokers?

Yes, NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier works with most brokers. But it’s good to check with your broker for any specific requirements or limitations.

Q2. Can I copy trades from multiple master traders?

Yes, NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier allows you to copy trades from multiple master traders at the same time. You can choose which traders’ trades to copy based on your preferences.

Q3. Are there any additional costs for using NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier?

NinjaTrader has both free and paid versions of their Trade Copier. The paid version has more features. Some brokers may also charge fees for using trade copying services.

Q4. Can I customize risk management settings when copying trades?

Yes, NinjaTrader’s Trade Copier lets you customize risk management settings. You can adjust position sizes, set stop-loss orders, and use other risk management strategies that suit you.


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