The Most Misunderstood Facts About Copy Trading


The Most Misunderstood Facts About Copy Trading

Copy trading is a form of social trading that seems to be the new buzz surrounding forex trading. Basically, copy trading is doing what you used to do to your homework back in school. If you had not done it, someone must have, so you copy.

Copy trading is about finding a professional forex trader and copying their trades. But just as with any other shortcut, there are truths and misconceptions. So how do you differentiate the fact from the wrong information? How do you know whether to do copy trading or spend a lot of time studying forex?

This is why we want to help you understand all about copy trading here at Haswell Capitals. We look at some of the most misunderstood facts about copy trading to answer these questions.

1. Copy Trading is Always Profitable

This has to be the most misunderstood fact about copy trading so far. The idea that copy trading will always be profitable is wrong for different reasons.

Copy trading is profitable as long as you can make more profit than the losses you make. Every forex trader must face that there is nothing like complete 100% successful trading. You win some, you lose some, and that is just the rule of life.

Also, the copied trader of your choice should be very good at trading. The copy trader you take your signals from should be a successful trader, capable of generating the profits you like. This is something that you can confirm before getting engaged with the copy trader as means of managing your risks.

Copy trading is an easy business that will only require you to manage your risks carefully, and everything else falls into place. It might NOT ALWAYS be profitable, but it is a profitable business.

2. Copy Trading Has Similar Fees as Normal Forex Trading

Now, this is another misunderstood fact. It would be best if you got that copy trading on its own is a business. This means that the copy trader doesn’t just give you signals. You buy them. Every copy trader has a rate they charge on the profits you will make from the signals they give you.

Again, getting involved in copy trading also means that you are subject to the same costs and fees judged when you trade. However, it doesn’t mean that the copy trader is the one that will incur all the fees, for example, spreads and commissions. For example, if you are copy trading on ZuluTrade, you will be subject to the same fees, spreads, and commissions that the copy trader is subject to on ZuluTrade.

3. Copy Trading is More Profitable than Individual Trading

This is one thing that is not exactly misunderstood but rather misrepresented when it comes to copy trading. The truth is copy trading is a great investment as long as you get to manage your risks effectively.

It is a great investment option that can help anyone interested in forex trading make significant profits. It is much better than individual trading because, as a beginner forex trader, you cannot make as much as a successful trader.

Plus, copy trading allows more beginner forex traders to enter the market and invest. This opens more ways that people can make this financial market explode even more. You best believe that copy trading is much better than individual trading.

Start Copy Trading Today

One of the best things about copy trading is that it is becoming more and more accepted among major platforms, including the ZuluTrade platform. Here at Haswell Capitals, we have all you need to know about copy trading, providing you with the best of both worlds as we show you how to make it work.

Copy trading is the new frontier in forex trading. Get to learn how to copy trade with Haswell Capitals.

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