Watch Your Kids

On the first day back to school, Ms. Fay teaches her third-grade class about addition, with the help of computers. Each student is instructed to go to the website and click on the “Basic Math” button. Ms. Fay then writes some addition problems on the board, and the students are to solve them on their screens using the website. When the bell is about to ring for the next class, Ms. Lynn gives them a larger problem to solve as homework, and asks them to email their answers to her email address, “[email protected]”.

Jenny Smith, one of Ms. Fay’s students, had trouble copying the homework assignment down before the bell rang. She borrows her mother’s laptop and follows the instructions, adding up the numbers and copying the answer, but accidentally pastes it into the wrong website- eBay- and ends up unintentionally bidding on and winning five gold rings, which cost a total of $25,890.78.

Jenny excitedly tells her mother about her purchase, and when her mother sees the total, she immediately calls 911. This situation could have been avoided if Jenny’s mother had supervised her internet use.

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