Zerodha launches Copy Trade: Empowering Investors to Profit

Zerodha Introduces Copy Trade Feature: Empowering Investors to Profit from Top Traders


Zerodha, a big stockbroker in India, has made a big change in how people trade by adding a new feature called Copy Trade. This feature lets investors copy and do the same trades as the best traders on the platform. Zerodha wants to help investors by giving them access to the strategies of successful traders so they can make money too.

The Copy Trade Feature

The Copy Trade feature is really important in online trading. It lets Zerodha users copy trades made by the best traders, who are also called “pro traders.” When people connect their trading accounts to a pro trader, every trade that pro trader makes will also happen in their account. This means that investors can now learn from and make money like the top traders without having to do a lot of research themselves.

To make sure everything is fair and clear, Zerodha gives a lot of information about each pro trader. They show how the trader performed in the past, how much risk they take, and what strategies they use. This helps investors make good choices when they want to follow a trader and make sure their money is safe.

How It Works

The Copy Trade feature is easy to use for all kinds of investors. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Choosing a Pro Trader

Investors can look through a list of pro traders and compare them based on their style of trading, how well they did in the past, and how much risk they take. The traders have detailed profiles that investors can read to understand their strategies and how often they do well.

Step 2: Linking the Trading Account

Once investors pick a pro trader, they can connect their trading account to that trader’s account. This means that every trade the pro trader makes will also happen in the investor’s account.

Step 3: Customizing Settings

Investors can change some settings to match their own way of trading and how much risk they want to take. They can set limits on how much money to use for each trade, decide when to stop a trade if it’s not going well, and choose if they want to copy the pro trader exactly.

Step 4: Automatic Trade Execution

With the settings in place, investors can relax and let the Copy Trade feature do the work. Every trade that the pro trader makes will happen in the investor’s account right away, so there’s no waiting and everything is done correctly.

Benefits of Copy Trade

Using the Copy Trade feature from Zerodha helps investors, no matter how much experience they have. Here are some benefits:

Access to Expertise

The Copy Trade feature brings together new investors and experts. By copying successful traders, investors can learn their strategies, understand how they make decisions, and get better at trading.

Saving Time

Doing lots of research and looking at the market can take a long time, especially if someone is new to trading. Copy Trade means investors don’t have to do as much work, so they can save time while still having a good chance of making money.


With Copy Trade, investors can copy many different traders who have different strategies. This helps lower the risk and gives them a better chance of making money in different situations.

Innovation in Trading

Zerodha’s Copy Trade feature shows that they are always coming up with new ideas to help investors. By using the latest technology, Zerodha has changed how people trade in India and made sure that everyone can learn from experts.


Q1: Can I choose multiple pro traders to follow?

A: Yes, investors can follow more than one pro trader at the same time. This helps lower the risk and means they don’t have to rely on just one trader.

Q2: Do I need to know a lot about trading to use Copy Trade?

A: No, Copy Trade is made to be easy and helpful for all investors. You can start using it and making money from expert traders even if you don’t know a lot about the market.

Q3: Is there a fee to use Copy Trade?

A: Zerodha lets users use Copy Trade for free. But the pro traders might charge a fee based on their agreement with Zerodha.

Q4: Can I stop copying a pro trader whenever I want?

A: Yes, investors can decide when to stop copying a pro trader. They have control over everything and can disconnect anytime they want.

Q5: Do I need to invest a lot of money to use Copy Trade?

A: Zerodha lets investors choose how much money to put in based on their goals. There’s no specific minimum, but it’s a good idea to have enough money to be safe and have different things to invest in.


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