Zerodha’s Revolutionary Copy Trade Simplifies Investing

Revolutionary Copy Trade Functionality Makes Investing Easier with Zerodha


Zerodha, a leading online investment platform, has a new feature called Copy Trade. It makes investing easier for all types of investors. This feature lets users copy the trades of successful investors without needing to manage their own portfolios.

How Copy Trade Functionality Works

The Copy Trade functionality on Zerodha allows users to choose from experienced traders. Users can then pick the traders they want to follow and copy their trades. This removes the need for users to actively manage their own trades while still benefiting from the expertise of top traders.

Benefits of Copy Trade Functionality

The introduction of Copy Trade functionality on Zerodha has brought many benefits to investors. Some of the key advantages of this feature include:


This feature opens up the world of investing to more people because users don’t need to know a lot about trading to benefit from the expertise of top traders.


By allowing users to follow multiple traders, the Copy Trade functionality helps investors spread their investments across different trading strategies.


Investors can save time by using the expertise of top traders, allowing them to focus on other things without missing out on market gains.


Zerodha provides information about each trader’s performance and trading history, so users can make informed decisions about who to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much control do I have over the trades executed by the top traders I follow?

Users can choose how much money they want to copy from the top traders and can stop following a trader at any time.

2. Are there any fees associated with using the Copy Trade functionality on Zerodha?

Yes, there is a small fee for using the Copy Trade functionality on Zerodha, based on the performance of the traders followed by the user.


The Copy Trade functionality on Zerodha has made investing easier and more accessible for all types of investors. With potential for increased diversification, time-saving benefits, and transparency, this feature has truly transformed the investment landscape.


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1. Is there a minimum amount required to start using Copy Trade functionality on Zerodha?

Yes, users need to have a minimum balance in their Zerodha account to start using the Copy Trade functionality.

2. Can I change the allocation of my funds to different traders?

Yes, users have the flexibility to adjust their allocation to different traders at any time based on their individual preferences and risk tolerance.

3. How can I track the performance of the traders I am following?

Zerodha provides comprehensive performance data and trading history for each trader, allowing users to monitor and analyze the performance of their chosen traders.

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